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December 20th, 2006

New Phone number

If you had my old cell number 480-694-7792. It will be going away at the end of the year. If you want my new one please message me.

New Phone

If you had my old cell number 480-694-7792. It will be going away at the end of the year. If you want my new one please message me.

December 19th, 2006

I like it


While shepherds watched their flocks by night,
All seated on the ground,
The Tom of the Lord came down,
And glory shone around.

While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

December 1st, 2006

(no subject)

Thanks Nat

1: XX
2: Xyridales
3: Xizang
4: Xebec
5: Xylol
6: Xyster
7: Xanthorroea
8: Xenophon
9: Xenophanes

October 17th, 2006



What Flavour Are You? I am Chocolate Flavoured.I am Chocolate Flavoured.

I am sweet and a little bit naughty. I am one of the few clinically proven aphrodisiacs. Sometimes I can seem a little hard, but show warmth and I soon melt. What Flavour Are You?

July 27th, 2006

fun stuff

325 Cognition/Knowledge/Smarts, 20 Mien/Spirit, 521 Deftness/Nimbleness/Quickness, and 1 Strength/Vigor
Here is a pecking-order for your character's Traits. Because Trait ratings can be randomly determined, and they involve more than a single number per, this test only attempts to rate them as compared with each other. For example, 623 Cognition/Knowledge/Smarts means your character favors Cognition to Smarts and doesn't consider Knowledge very important. You'd assign a higher rating to Cognition, a lesser rating to Smarts, and the lowest rating to Knowledge. Of course, DEADLANDS uses 10 Traits, so assign your stats among them all. It is possible that you'll have ties in some Traits. After all, there are 10 Traits and a score of 0-9 possible. But then, it is likely you'll have similar ratings for your Traits, too. If you want, use these ratings for your dude: 2d12, 4d10, 2d10, 3d8, 2d8, 1d8, 4d6, 3d6, 2d6, 2d6

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 99% on CogKnowSmrt

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You scored higher than 99% on MienSprt

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You scored higher than 99% on DeftNimQck

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You scored higher than 99% on StrVigr
Link: The DEADLANDS Character Trait Test written by Flat-On-His-Face on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

July 17th, 2006

(no subject)

A Black Bishop
You scored 2 Power-Finesse, 4 Leader-Follower, 4 Unique-Ordinary, and 2 Offense-Defense!
You are conniving and sneaky, and often overlooked by your opponent. You are content to stay off to one side, allowing the bloodbath to ensue. Then, when the moment is right and the other king has let his guard down you strike! Your indirect approach to things gives your team more options. However, in the big picture you are expendable. No matter how hard you try, you can only reach half the squares on the board.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 99% on Power-Finesse

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You scored higher than 99% on Leader-Follower

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You scored higher than 99% on Unique-Ordinary

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You scored higher than 99% on Offense-Defense
Link: The What Chess Piece Are You Test written by Gundark27 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

July 6th, 2006



I escaped from the Dungeon of Tarlonis!

I killed Glaistig the rat, Spitecandy the goblin, Tenebrax the owlbear, Azul Ros the cockatrice, Renx99 the giant spider, Midnightinferno the giant spider, Fuilcroman the rat and Cliohdna the leprechaun.

I looted the Amulet of Fierinferno, the Crown of Katzunge, the Wand of Uirisg, the Sceptre of Reading, the Dagger of Theemptied, the Sword of Web Comics, the Sword of Ttuxbury, the Crown of Silverarm, the Shield of Paegan and 34 gold pieces.

Score: 234

Explore the Dungeon of Tarlonis and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

July 2nd, 2006

Fourth of July

We are having a BBQ and Pool party. We ask that you bring something to grill and a side dish. If you want something special to drink bring it also. This will be at our house on the fourth starting @ 2pm. Message me if you are coming or if you need directions.

June 29th, 2006



May 3rd, 2006


This goes out to all the Techs/geeks I know. The company I work for has ask me to look for at least three more people. I am looking for one Microsoft Guru, one Linux guru, And one Unix Guru. You must be good at the position you apply for. These are NOT entry level. The Microsoft position must know the following AD, GP, and Blade environment. The Linux position must know the following Redhat, with experience with Ubuntu, Debian, and Susu are also helpful. The Unix Guru Must know the following AIX, with Solarus, and HP-UX also helpful. If you have any questions please e-mail me at thomaspcoffey@cgi.com. If you are interested in one of the position e-mail me your resume at the same address. These are not posted positions. If you want to check out the company go to www.cgi.com.

April 20th, 2006

Okay all you June brides and Las Vegas tourists, June 2 will be a special day in the neon city. According to James Tegnelia, head of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Vegas residents and tourists alike will be able to see a “mushroom cloud” emanating from a 700-ton explosion scheduled for June 2 at the Nevada Test Site.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the atomic bomb testing southern Nevadans innocently witnessed in the 50s. Today it’s certainly difficult to fathom atomic bomb explosions as a spectator sport.

But that’s just what some of the 3 million June visitors and Las Vegas residents will witness on June 2.

“I don’t want to sound glib here,” remarked Tegnelia, “but it is the first time in Nevada that you’ll see a mushroom cloud over Las Vegas since we stopped testing nuclear weapons.”

Is anyone else alarmed by that statement?

The project is called Divine Strake and if you happened to see local news programs last night, you saw that the media now knows about the planned explosion. Can’t wait to see the flurry of media activity surrounding this.

And today’s Review-Journal, buried on page 8B in the Nevada section (why?), included a story by Tony Batt of the Stephens Washington Bureau about the blast.

Apparently Nevada’s congressional delegation was notified of the planned blast on Dec. 19, 2005 in a letter from the National Nuclear Security Administration. Of course, our elected officials are claiming words like “mushroom cloud” weren’t part of the notice. I’m sure if the words “mushroom” and “cloud” were in the letter they would have taken notice immediately.

Interestingly enough, Nevada Department of Administration official Zosia Targosz wrote in a Jan. 9 letter to NNSA that their proposal “is not in conflict with state plans, goals or objectives.” Great. Bring on the explosion, the mushroom cloud, and any radioactive particles that may happen to be part of the Nevada Test Site’s desert soil!

Perhaps our officials have been working feverishly to control the buzz that’s sure to surround such a significant explosion.

Why Divine Strake? Why now?

The test is part of a U.S. effort to develop weapons capable of destroying deeply buried bunkers housing nuclear, chemical or biological weapons (on foreign soil, of course).

And aren’t you glad the government is planning this test for Las Vegas? Apparently it’s of interest to our Russian friends, as Tegnelia said the Russians have been notified of the test. I’m certainly glad the Russians know what’s happening in Nevada before the Nevadans, or the rest of America for that matter. Thanks guys.

Divine Strake is a test scheduled for June 2, 2006 at the Nevada Test Site sponsored by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The 700-ton explosion has a two-fold purpose: 1) to study ground shock effects on deeply buried tunnel structures, and 2) to analyze the air blast produced by the buried charge and its modification as it propagates over the local terrain.

And since this is 2006 and not 1951 when the explosion “Dog” from Operation Buster, with a yield of 21 kilotons, was the first U.S. nuclear field exercise conducted on land (southern Nevada land mind you; with U.S. troops watching unprotected at a mere 6 miles distance), perhaps you’d like to know a little more about the Nevada Test Site.

The Nevada Test Site, approximately 1,375 square miles and larger than Rhode Island, is in Nye County about 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas. From 1951 to 1992 the Nevada Test Site was home to 952 announced nuclear tests (yes, many were unannounced; aren’t they sneaky?). The government also tested nuclear bombs elsewhere, but only 129 of them (many at the Pacific Proving Grounds in the Marshall Islands).

In the 1950s mushroom clouds from the tests were regular tourist attractions in Las Vegas where they could be seen from hotel rooms along the Strip.

Perhaps if you act soon, you could book the Strip’s most elevated hotel room with a view to the northwest and stake out the horizon on June 2. If you’re in town for a wedding you’ll certainly have a digital or video camera. You could probably even make some money selling the images you collect when the Defense Threat Reduction Agency does its thing. Good luck.

And for those of you planning on being June brides, what better day to say your vows than June 2 when for the first time in this century Las Vegas will be home to a mushroom cloud reminiscent of the 50s.

January 11th, 2006


You scored 91 imagination, 83 confidence, 62 dominance, and 75 generosity!
You are a KINKY, CONFIDENT, DOMINANT lover who prefers to give. This means that: You like relatively kinky sex, and you have the great imagination that will always keep your partner guessing and excited! There's no getting bored with you around, you could never settle for dull sex, you want something fun and new all the time. You aren't afraid to try out anything you hear about. You might just be an intelligent lover who needs to be mentally engaged, or perhaps you have some dirty dark secret kinky desires, but either way, you're never boring. You are pretty confident in bed. This means that you know you can please your lover. Maybe you've read a lot of sex manuals, or have the experience from previous lovers, or just tend to be skilled at whatever you get your hands on, but you're good and you know it. You can really get results and know that you have pure talent, so you won't be hiding away shy, pretending to be all innocent. Your partners love your naughty self assurance, you don't hesitate and this makes you a sensational lover. You tend to be dominant in bed, so you prefer to be the one giving the orders than taking them. Maybe you like the power, or just like controlling the pace, perhaps your partner likes to be dominanted, or maybe you get a kick out of the whole master/slave relationship, it could be something as small as liking to be on top during sex and tie up your lover to tease them, or it could be as kinky as them having to ask your permission to do anything at all. Either way, you are firm and you enjoy it! You prefer to give than recieve. This makes you a very unselfish lover, devoted to the needs of your partner rather than your own. You get your pleasure from seeing them get theirs, you are a model sex partner. I'm sure plenty of people would love to have someone like you in bed with them! Remember though that if your partner gets pleasure from returning the favour it's okay to let them, they might love giving as much as you do! WE SUGGEST YOU: get into some slightly more hardcore fantasy territory. Go for bondage in a not so light and fluffy way and discover just what you really like. Want to play master/slave games? Want to be tied up or tie someone up, in just enough discomfort that they don't quite relax? Want to try a threesome? Maybe you'd even like to try out sado-masochism. It's your call. Whatever you do, unleash that kinky thing you've always really wanted to try and give it a go, you're a great lover, and you know it, up for anything, generous, imaginative, confident, and happy to go for what you want, so enjoy.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 81% on imagination

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You scored higher than 59% on confidence

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You scored higher than 56% on dominance

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You scored higher than 67% on generosity
Link: The What's your sexual style? Test written by lu-mina on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

November 29th, 2005

Pete & Nat

Ok, so we need to get together, for many reasons, but to discuss you wedding and what you would like to do. I am really looking forward to doing this. We can make this a simple or extravagant and you would like.

October 26th, 2005

Take a look at this report http://msnbc.msn.com/id/6448213/did/9816703/.
Then look at their web site http://www.brl.ntt.co.jp/cs/avi/parasitic_humanoid/index.html
I understand all the medical and recreational user for this. I also know the reality of what it could and would be used for.

October 7th, 2005

Had to Like the show

You scored as River Tam. The Fugitive. You are clever and dangerous, which is a nasty combination. The fact you are crazy too just adds to your charm. They did bad things to you, but you know their secrets. They will regret how they made you.


River Tam


The Operative


Capt. Mal Reynolds


Zoe Alleyne Washburne


Kaylee Frye


Inara Serra


Simon Tam


Shepherd Derrial Book


Hoban 'Wash' Washburne


Jayne Cobb


Which Serenity character are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

July 5th, 2005


I found this on a blog of mine the some how thought it was appropriate.

"As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more
and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and
glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's
desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright

.... H.L. Mencken ...

May 11th, 2005

I need to find the following two items anything anyone can do to help would be great.
I need to find a place or site for boots that have cloven hooves on them.
I am also looking for information on a program that will allow me to create a movie with rod-puppets.

Thanks to all

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